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Battle Royale RP
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Shiroiwa High - Battle Royale RP

Rules (Please read these before joining!)
[1] Only one character per person.
[2] First come first serve, whoever asked for the character first will get it.
[3] Having a character journal is highly encouraged, but not necessarily required.
[4] No superhuman abilities! These characters are 9th graders...they can't fly or see people from several miles away, got it?
[5] No unfair killing. You can't just shoot at someone and kill them instantly, they have to receive the attack.
[6] We RP according to the movie version of Battle Royale, that means Kiriyama is a transfer student too.
[7] The weapon you receive is what the character received in the movie version, though you may aquire more weapons when in interaction with other players. (A list of the weapons each student received is here.)
[8] All characters start out in the school, obviously they must leave that area, so I would recommend everyone to run away from the school in their first post.

Boy #05 Kawada Shougo played by kage_matsuri
Boy #06 Kiriyama Kazuo played by _kazuo_kiriyama
Boy #11 Sugimura Hiroki played by hiroki_sugimura
Boy #12 Seto Yukata played by yutaka_seto
Boy #13 Takiguchi Yuuichirou played by shishio28
Boy #14 Tsukioka Sho played by amano_hyo
Boy #15 Nanahara Shuya played by nanahara_shuya
Boy #19 Mimura Shinji played by mimura_shinji

Girl #02 Utsumi Yukie played by pointguard06
Girl #07 Kusaka Yumiko played by yumiko_kusaka
Girl #08 Kotohiki Kayoko played by kotohiki_kayoko
Girl #11 Souma Mitsuko played by m1tsuko_souma
Girl #13 Takako Chigusa played by _takako_chigusa
Girl #15 Nakagawa Noriko played by nakagawa_noriko

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