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Hiroki heard Yutaka’s pleas, but still didn't move.
‘Should I believe him? Maybe he really is telling the truth; maybe Sho really isn’t such a bad guy. But Yutaka could be being forced to. But if Sho were dangerous, he would’ve attacked by now… wouldn’t he? Or maybe he was just trying to gain our trust so he could draw us in and slit our throats in our sleep. I don't want to risk it, if we turn our backs and run, Sho could shoot us from behind. But could I live with myself killing an innocent man? But that's what this fucking games all about isn’t it… to fuck with the morals, right? Survival is the name of the game… I can’t risk my own life and Takako’s. Takako… he looked to his left at the proud, strong, beautiful woman next to him, her eyes fierce yet worried. No, if anything, I’ve got to take action. I know, I’ll test him.’
Hiroki dropped his knife and casually slipped his hand out of Takako’s. Swiftly, he grabbed the staff and brought it up and then in a graceful sideways arc hitting Sho with the side of the staff in the stomach. Not enough to really hurt him, but enough to knock the wind out of him.
‘If his intent really is to kill us he’ll retaliate fiercely and try to kill me. If not… he’ll probably be really pissed…’
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